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Train your child to appreciate the surrounding environment by maintaining ornamental plants

As a big boy amid a family of orchid lovers, I became accustomed to various plants. Then now, so papa’s correctness maintains some ornamental plants, in the garden of the house that is not how big. At the very least, the house has a green atmosphere.
Since my son is more than 3 years old, I thought it might be time to introduce him to the fun of taking care of plants. I choose plants that are safe for him, at least not thorny. From the results of the method here and there, here are some types of plants that I managed to get:

Ornamental Plants that are Safe for Small Children

  1. Spider Plant

The texture of the leaves is smooth, and also limp makes this plant harmless if touched or touched by children. Another bonus spider plants are able to reduce indoor pollutants such as formalin and xylene. The presence of this plant will filter the air naturally, so it can also be placed in the room and amazingly again does not need special care, spiders are very easy to live anywhere.

Houseplants That Are Safe for Young Children

  1. Chamaedorea Seifrizii

Almost the same as spiders, this plant has leaves that are limp and not thorny. But the difference is that it is equipped with stems, including large plants. Another name for the bamboo palm. The shape is simple with a deep green color, good for making your little one’s eyesight fresher. Chamaedorea Seifrizii is able to absorb the pollutant benzene as well as formaldehyde carboxylic gas that adheres to furniture, so it can also be stored indoors.

Houseplants That Are Safe for Young Children

  1. Peace Lilly (peace lilies)

If the two plants don’t have flowers, this Peace Lily also has a beautiful flower shape. The criteria are also safe for children to maintain, there are no fine thorns or large thorns, the flower shape is not too fine pollen and endangers the child’s breathing. Just like the previous two plants, Peace Liliy is able to absorb pollutants and space.

Houseplants That Are Safe for Young Children

  1. Ivory Bethel

Plants that can propagate are plants native to Indonesia. In addition to being placed in hanging pots, it can also be allowed to bear on the ground or walls gave the propagation media first. It is not thorny and toxic, so children can also maintain plants that absorb various harmful pollutants.

Houseplants That Are Safe for Young Children

  1. Azaleas

The name is as beautiful as the name, Azalea has a variety of flower colors., pink is the color that is championed for this ornamental plant. The shape of the leaves is small and has no thorns or other parts that harm children when adjacent to Azaleas. Another bonus, although it looks beautiful and feminine,

For starters, I want to buy the Spider Plant first, if mom chooses which one?

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