In addition to being considered therapeutic, in this digital era, the name of writing journaling by hand is still special.

who are children of the 90’s, do you remember, when you were still in school or college, you must have had a diary, but in the past we could ask a friend to join us in “filling in” the biodata, aphorisms whose form was always spelled. the name of our friend (sort of like a standard, hahahaa), until it’s actually letters or venting to each other. Once you enter the early 2000s, start, well, trend organizer! In addition to the notebook itself, what is also popular is thetoolsfor writing. Anything? From colorful markers, highlighters, brushpens, to Rotring pens. Ish, if you think about it, well, it’s just a school kid, how come they use expensive pens.

Journaling: Increase creativity, confidence and mindfulness

Yes, indeed, in the past, activities in the past were still limited, the choices were not as many as now, before we were not so familiar with computers, let alone smartphones. Thus, writing and drawing by hand has become a daily habit.Now, the activity of writing in notes is called journalingIf you think about it, this is actually not a new hobby, but rather a nostalgicactivity From Oprah Winfrey, Frida Kahlo, to Andra Alodita, they have a hobby of journaling.Research shows that journaling can increase creativity, self-confidence, and mindfulnessEventJournaling is associated with high IQ levels and can relieve stress.

Journaling: One way to be more grateful

“Journalingis part of my self-care and self-love version,” Alodita said on one of her Instagram Stories. He has a habit of journaling about things he is grateful for today. Often if we do not pour it in a writing, automatically like not aware of the same positive things around. Even if it is spelled out one by one, surely the contents can not be just one point. In addition to being more grateful,journaling can be the most fun way, you know, to communicate with yourself. Just telling good or bad things that we face At least, it is then contained in the writing, not stuck in the heart and brain that tends to make us become easily stressed.

Do you need a special journal?

Indeed, the capital to write a journal is as simple as paper and pen. However, so that our writings are stored neatly and safely, not torn by children, not read by Ms. Nowadays, many beautiful journals are sold with templates according to journalingneeds . Some are equipped with annual, monthly, and even daily calendars, but still provide plain pages that can be filled with images. For those who prefer to write with image dominance, Bujo (bullet journal) may be more suitable, because it encourages us to make manual notes as interesting as possible. . So, a plain sketchbook or note without lines is enough. Journaling really helps us to channel hobbies. is very helpful for us to channel hobbies.The skill needs to be continuously trained, the more often you write or draw, the progress will definitely be seen.

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